Dog Daycare
at Ruff Club

Where every day is filled with fun, safe play, and loving care

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What Dog Daycare Entails

A day of play, socialization, and care tailored to your pup's specific needs

Grouping pups by temperament, size and age

Tailored base on activity level (couch potato vs energizer bunny), temperament (shy vs goes with flow), size (small vs big) and age (pup vs senior citizen).

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Packs always supervised by trained staff

Our staff teach pups how to appropriately play with one another and are ready to step in as needed.

The cleanest environment possible

Staff clean potty messes within 60 seconds of occurrence to ensure a sanitary and comfortable space.

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Come Visit Us

Ruff Club
34 Avenue A, New York, NY
10009, USA

Store Hours

7:15 am - 8 pm
7:15 am - 8 pm
7:15 am - 8 pm
7:15 am - 8pm
7:15 am - 8 pm
9 am - 6 pm
9 am - 6 pm
Overnight boarding is available
365 nights a year
Daycare & Walking Holiday Schedule
Ruff Club
2024 Daycare & Dog
Walking Holiday Hours
Presidents Day (2/19)
Weekend hours
Memorial Day (5/27)
Weekend hours
Independence Day (7/4)
Independence Day (7/5)
Weekend hours
Labor Day (9/2)
Thanksgiving (11/28)
Day after Thanksgiving (11/29)
Weekend Hours
Christmas Eve (12/24)
Christmas (12/25)
New Years Eve (12/31)

Frequently Asked Questions About Daycare

Explore key questions and answers about our daycare services, covering everything from daily routines to safety measures

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What are your daycare hours of operations?

We're open Monday to Friday from 7:15 AM to 8:00 PM, and on weekends from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. There's no need to pre-schedule for daycare; you can drop off your dog at any time that suits you.

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What is an off-leash play assessment at Ruff Club and how is it conducted?

During the 90-minute, free off-leash play assessment, our trained staff carefully introduces your dog to the daycare environment. This introduction starts with interaction with just one other dog and gradually progresses to include more dogs, eventually integrating them with all the pups in their recommended pack. This ensures a comfortable and safe integration into the group, allowing us to closely observe and understand your dog's behavior and compatibility. Our goal is to match each dog with a group where they can feel the safest and happiest, prioritizing both their well-being and social enjoyment.

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What is your staff to dog ratio?

At Ruff Club, the staff-to-dog ratio is typically one handler for every 10-15 dogs, a standard we take pride in. For days with higher volume, we have additional staff ready to ensure this ratio is maintained. We've also invested in state-of-the-art play area dividers to effectively manage different dog cohorts and play groups. This approach underscores our commitment to providing attentive and safe care for all dogs.

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What sort of activities are offered? What is the schedule like for dogs?

At Ruff Club, the daily schedule for dogs is carefully structured. In the morning, dogs are divided into groups based on temperament and placed in the main enclosure. Throughout the day, they are closely monitored and provided with relief walks and meals as instructed. Our schedule is aligned with academic recommendations for a fulfilling day, including playtime, enrichment activities (like puzzles and training), nap time, meal times, and relief walks, all organized within their specific cohorts for optimal care and interaction.

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Do you do pick up and drop off?

We offer pick-up and drop-off services at Ruff Club for $13.50 each. Pick-up services are available from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM, and drop-off services from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM respectively. You are able to ask us last minute but please try your best to give us advanced notice. Additionally, you are able to ask us to feed your pup and or set them up at home in any way we can help, no extra charge.

To take advantage of our pick up and drop off, we ask that you sign a waiver, provide a spare set of keys, and let us know the instructions to enter your home.

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What if my dog is nervous? How do you help them accumulate?

For nervous dogs, Ruff Club takes a systematic and thoughtful approach. We have trained behaviorists who help ease dogs into their new environment. Familiarity with staff and other dogs plays a key role in comforting anxious dogs. We gradually acclimate each dog, often taking 1-4 sessions for them to feel comfortable. Our staff is trained by professional behaviorists to systematically introduce dogs to suitable playgroups based on size and temperament, ensuring they find a compatible and safe group to enhance their happiness.

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How do I communicate with Ruff Club while my pup is at daycare?

To keep you updated about your dog during their stay at Ruff Club, we provide daily updates through SMS and MMS instead of simply placing a live streaming on our website. This proactive approach means we can communicate with each parent 1 on 1 to update them on feedings, bathroom breaks, relief walks, and which other dogs they have made friends with. Try texting us at (914) 877-2754 to ask any questions!

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What is the policy for late pickups at Ruff Club?

At Ruff Club, we know that life can be unpredictable. If you find yourself running late and unable to collect your furry friend by our closing time, a late pickup fee of $15 will be charged. Please note that our doors close at 8 PM on weekdays and 6 PM on weekends. Your cooperation helps ensure our team members can wrap up their day on time. Thank you for your understanding!

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